Progress of our addition.

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Hot Tub

Ruth_Additions3_6_8_02.jpg (161297 bytes)June, 2002

Ruth_Additions2_6_8_02.jpg (209054 bytes)June 8th 2002,  The day before Allison's birthday

DSC00003(3).jpg (67521 bytes)Roof Sheathed

DSC00002(2).jpg (78726 bytes)

DSC00001(1).jpg (66140 bytes)

Exterior walls are framed up ready to set trusses

additionfloor.jpg (68496 bytes)Floor placed and almost finished. Brent putting the final touches on the finish.10/27/2000

Final grade before pouring concrete floor.

gradeb4plumbing.jpg (279264 bytes)Final grade before rough in plumbing done.

foundation1-2-1.jpg (96803 bytes)Block foundation with perimeter insulation.

foundation1-2-2.jpg (99194 bytes)Footings ready for block.

footings_9-15-2000.jpg (95671 bytes)Excavation done ready for footings.